Obsidian Release v1.0.3

This is cumulative list of changes since the 1.0 public release. TL;DR: Lots of bug fixes!


  • macOS: Double-clicking the tab bar now maximizes the window in Frameless mode.
  • Graph View: dragging a node is now canceled when you start panning the canvas.

No longer broken

  • Theme dropdown properly refreshes when changing the theme in settings.
  • Update buttons properly refresh after updating the plugin via the plugin modal.
  • Removed duplicate drag element that appeared when dragging tabs.
  • Clicking on line numbers and other gutter elements now works properly.
  • webm embeds are now properly recognized as video instead of audio.
  • Fixed checkboxes not being selectable in Live Preview.
  • Fixed selections from multiple cursors not appearing.
  • Linux: “Adapt to system theme” now works properly.
  • Vim: Fixed gj and gk not working.
  • Fixed Empty lists getting collapsed in reading mode.
  • macOS: spellcheck now properly replaces word even when no text is selected.
  • The root folder in the File Explorer is no longer collapsible via the keyboard.
  • Editor commands no longer trigger if the inline title is focused.
  • Fixed alt-clicking multiple selections not behaving correctly.
  • Fixed opening vaults via obsidian://vault not properly marking other vaults as closed.
  • Fixed long suggestion titles not wrapping properly.
  • Added missing search icon to graph view.
  • Unique note creator: app no longer freezes when attempting to generate an invalid format.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong file could get renamed if you switch files mid-rename.
  • Fixed vim mode gj on the last line jumps up.
  • Fixed numbered lists in unordered lists not rendering the number.
  • Fixed long lines in sub-bullets adds jumping padding.
  • Fixed some rendering issues with translucency.
  • Fixed artifacts in tabs on Linux.
  • Removed Github fallback CDN which is no longer in operation.

For a complete list of changes, refer to the individual release notes: