Obsidian Release v0.9.4

Shiny new things

  • In preview mode, internal links to notes that don’t exist yet are now given the CSS class is-unresolved, and now shows up in a different color than links to existing notes.
  • You can now downsize images using the new syntax:
    • For markdown images, use ![AltText|100x100](https://url/to/image.png)
    • For embeds, use ![[image.png|100x100]]
    • To have the image scale according to its aspect ratio, omit the height ![[image.png|100]]
  • Obsidian Publish:
    • Backlinks! Turn it on to add the new backlink section at the end of each page.
    • Your site can now be styled with custom CSS! Just upload either obsidian.css or publish.css. You can also upload both so you can use your existing obsidian.css and add some extra tweaks for publish in publish.css.
    • There’s a new mode you can turn on called “sliding windows”. This overhauls your site’s navigation to open links beside the current page. Inspired from Andy Matuschak’s website https://notes.andymatuschak.org/
    • Page URLs now encodes space characters as + instead of %20 for a cleaner look.


  • Obsidian now recognizes .bmp, .svg, and .tiff images.
  • Hover preview now pops up where your cursor is, rather than at the position of the link.
  • Improved performance when computing backlinks for large vaults.
  • Improved performance when auto-completing links for large vaults.
  • Embeds got their styling tweaked to be less prominent and less distracting.

No longer broken

  • Deleting folders on Linux should no longer give an error message.
  • Hover preview now fixed for graph view. It stays up nicely and disappears only when the cursor is off the hover and the graph node.
  • Fixed a possibility that the hover preview gets stuck when clicking on the link.
  • Fixed some characters not decoded properly when using obsidian:// URLs, such as the comma %2C.
  • Removed duplicate backlinks for links within footnote definitions.