Obsidian Release v0.9.20

Shiny new things

  • Quick switcher now auto-completes for aliases as well.


  • Creating a new file from “no file is open” page now respects the default location option.
  • Invalid front matter now shows up as an error in the metadata section of preview mode.

No longer broken

  • Deleting files and folders now properly remove them from the file explorer.
  • Footnotes now work properly in exported PDF files.
  • Fixed mermaid graphs don’t scale properly when using a HiDPI/retina monitor, or when zooming the app.
  • Link suggestion no longer suggests blocks for attachments like images or PDF files.
  • Fixed pressing Enter to finish rename a file not working properly when using an IME.


  • SuggestModal and FuzzySuggestModal are now available for use.

More fixes for mermaid HiDPI scaling will be present in 0.9.21