Obsidian Release v0.9.12

Shiny new things

  • You can now right click internal links to see many file options, such as opening in new pane, revealing in file navigation, open with default app, etc.
  • Global search will now show recent search queries when the search is empty.
  • Global search now has an β€œx” to clear the search query.


  • Global search and backlinks pane now save your options for collapse results, show more context and sort order. Global search also saves match case and explain search term.
  • Backlinks pane also saves the folding of the Linked mentions and Unlinked mentions sections.
  • Several new API are now available for plugins to use.
  • Plugin authors can now mark a required version of Obsidian for their releases. They can also provide a list of older versions of their plugin that’s compatible to older versions of Obsidian.

No longer broken

  • Fixed fold all previously did not work in preview mode.
  • There was a race condition for saving large files on slower computers which could prevent saving the last few characters typed into the note. That should no longer happen.
  • Checklist styles have been fixed, they should no longer have an awkward offset from the left side.
  • Hover previews now properly renders embeds.
  • Indenting from a numbered list to an unordered list no longer causes undefined to appear.
  • Printing to PDF no longer generates clickable app://obsidian.md links for internal links.