Obsidian Release v0.9.1


  • Search queries on graph now applies to all nodes, including tags and links to files that haven’t been created yet.
  • When hovering graph nodes, the node name now shifts down to avoid being covered by the mouse cursor.

No longer broken

  • The account page now works again. This did break before and we’ve taken more steps this time to make sure it won’t happen again.
  • The vault chooser’s “Create vault” functionality has been restored.
  • Obsidian URI’s shortcut mode obsidian://vault/vaultname now properly recognize URI encoded characters such as Chinese characters.
  • Previewing documents with large images that are longer than your your screen no longer causes jumping or flickering when scrolling.
  • Hovering graph nodes will now stop hovering when the node moves away from the cursor.
  • In some rare situations, the app would freeze when loading, where nothing can be clicked and the app is completely unresponsive. This shouldn’t happen anymore.