Obsidian Release v0.8.6

Shiny new things

  • Local graph now has an option to specify number of jumps from the current note.
  • There is now a new sort algorithm for quick switcher and link suggestion that’s faster and more accurate.
  • New search operator content: will search the content of the file only.


  • Excess spaces are now trimmed when creating new vaults.
  • Obsidian is now available in French, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, and Romanian.

No longer broken

  • Reveal in file explorer no longer show up in file explorer itself.
  • Fixed template can’t be inserted in pinned panes.
  • Fixed template error message using wrong translation.
  • Fixed spellchecker suggestion inserts into the wrong location when clicking on the first letter.
  • Fixed Chinese and Japanese “exact match” not working due to the lack of space characters.
  • Fixed Settings > About showing HTML tags.
  • Graph nodes with links to self should not contribute to weight.
  • Clicking on other panes should no longer navigate graph view.

Bugfix related to the parser switch in v0.8.5

  • Clicking on a checkbox should no longer scroll the page.
  • Scroll-sync should no longer be janky, flicker, or cause jumps when typing.
  • Footnote links should now work again.
  • Clicking outline items now navigates and highlights the correct line.
  • Fixed parse fail when there are & or other HTML entities.
  • Tooltips no longer clip out of view when they’re at the edge of the screen.