Obsidian Release v0.8.2

Lots of under the hood improvements on this one. Everyone should be made slightly happier, and a few people will be made much happier.


  • Opening very large documents in Preview mode will now work much better. We now only render block elements that are in view, and anything that’s outside of the visible scroll area is temporarily hidden for performance (tested on “War and Peace” at 3MB/570k words).
  • LaTeX now has full MathJax input library included, which should allow the imported libraries to work.
  • Pressing the Enter key in the search query will run the query again even if it hasn’t been changed.
  • The account tab now has a loading animation, instead of showing a “login” page before quickly flashing to the logged in version.
  • Search results are now sorted (by path alphabetic) instead of going through files in a somewhat-random order.
  • Tags can now use _ (underscore) as part of the name.
  • Video and audio embeds are now loaded in chunks as they are played, instead of being fully loaded into memory when they open. This should also fix any performance issues and crashes related to having many media embeds in the same file.

No longer broken

  • Graph view now properly recognizes heading links to the same file.
  • Search should now properly show all results, instead of having the last few disappear when scrolling.
  • The highlighting for ]] was fixed again for some edge cases.
  • Panes that overflow to the right side should no longer push other panes around due to a CSS bug.
  • Spellcheck dictionary overflow in settings should no longer happen.
  • The outline when clicking a LaTeX expression in preview mode has been removed.
  • Long words and URLs now wrap correctly, instead of overflowing and requiring scrolling to see.
  • Daily notes settings page should show the format correctly now the first time when you open it.
  • Ctrl/Cmd+D used to not work in Vim mode because it was bound to another operation; that should now work properly to scroll down half a page.
  • Unsupported files, most notably obsidian.css, should no longer show up in quick switcher.
  • Some parts of the interface previously allowed text selection, which was confusing. That should no longer happen.
  • Fixed an editor crash issue caused by using a checklist inside a footnote.
  • Word count for large files should no longer cause lag.
  • Changing custom CSS no longer causes the editor to enter a broken state until the app is reloaded.

Known issues (fixed in 0.8.3)

  • Switching from edit to preview mode had a brief flash before changes are applied.