Obsidian Release v0.8.14


  • Auto-complete markdown links now generates the note’s name in the display text instead of the full path.
  • Checked items now have strike-though and look more muted.
  • Checkboxes are now re-colored to match our theme if your installer version is 0.8.12+.
  • We have restored link auto-completion for hitting the # key, because otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to auto-complete headings when using markdown links.
  • Latex $ symbol will auto-pair when selecting text and hitting the $ key.
  • Fullscreen will now hide the titlebar.

No longer broken

  • Open in default app now works once again.
  • Command palette can now show more than 5 results.
  • The vault switcher window style has been fixed.
  • Titlebar text is now properly centered.
  • Folder and file suggestion popovers now show in the correct position when the page has scrollbars.
  • When linking unlinked mentions, the linked entry should now disappear from unlinked mentions list.