Obsidian Release v0.8.11

No longer broken

  • Removed extra space at the bottom of the app.
  • Account tab should now load properly.
  • Embeds should now appear in backlink pane again.
  • Backlink pane no longer show a scrollbar when it shouldn’t.
  • Backlink pane now updates properly when files are changed outside.
  • Graph view no longer crashes when loading initially, or when files are changed outside.
  • Fixed unlinked mentions links the wrong item.
  • Fixed switching from editor to preview doesn’t scroll on large documents.
  • Fixed scroll-sync lag with edit mode open.
  • Fixed scroll-sync not scrolling to the top on the other pane.
  • LaTeX inline blocks $$ no longer has the space & digit requirements like $.
  • WIP translucency plugin disabled, will be re-enabled next release.
  • Updated translations.