Obsidian Release v0.7.5

Shiny new things

  • We added a “strict markdown line break” option for previews, which obeys markdown’s original newline spec. This will cause single line breaks to be ignored.
  • Ctrl/Cmd-D can now be customized.
  • We added new commands for folding/unfolding all lines.


  • Spellcheck will now ignore URLs and code blocks.
  • Spellcheck now has a user dictionary. Right click + Add to dictionary to add. Settings -> Editor -> Spellcheck (gears icon) to remove words from the dictionary.
  • Pinning panes will now be applied to the whole group of linked panes.

No longer broken

  • “Replace all” can now undo and redo in a single operation.
  • Ctrl/Cmd-[ and Ctrl/Cmd-] no longer override vim mode.
  • We added a notice for when saving fails, which could happen if the USB drive containing the vault is ejected.
  • We fixed the split pane command and shortcut creating empty panes when current pane was pinned.
  • Footnotes now go to the right place. The link destination will now also be highlighted.
  • We fixed the bug where front-matter containing the string --- could cause the editor to crash.
  • Auto-detected URLs in the editor will no longer include the space or period characters after.
  • And we fixed “Focus on above/below/left/right pane” option not always finding the correct pane to focus.
  • Graph view now stops all activity soon after you stop interacting with it. This should save quite some CPU cycles if you prefer to have a graph open at all times.