Obsidian Release v0.6.6

Shiny new things

  • We added an option for deletions to use either 1) System trash, 2) local vault .trash/ or 3) permanent delete like before. This means an extral layer of safety in case you accidentally delete a note. The default is System trash, but if the system trash is disabled, it will use .trash/ by default.
  • There are now several options for creating files diretly in new panes! Cmd/Ctrl-click the “New note” button will do it.
  • Relatedly, the quick switcher can use Shift-Enter to create a new note instead of opening the selected match, if you have names that are too similar. Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-Enter creates and opens in a new pane.


  • Clicking on search results and backlinks will now stay in preview mode and not force you to edit mode. It will also scroll and highlight in preview mode.
  • We no longer allow choosing an inaccessible folder (like Program Files on Windows, or Applications on MacOS). This should solve a problem some Windows users had with having to run the application as an administrator, and will head off a bunch of other possible problems in the future.
  • Regular markdown internal links are now properly indexed for graph view and backlinks. Renaming files also updates those if found.
  • “No file is open” page has been revamped with more useful information, as well as a button to close it.
  • HTML will now be sanitized. Any unrecognized or unsafe tag attributes will be removed.
  • In document search will now cycle around the document after reaching the last occurrence.

No longer broken

  • We fixed some weird flicking scroll sync behavior introduced in 0.6.5. Sorry about that.
  • Latex and code highlighting now work for embeds.
  • Word count now updates when you type.
  • The Backlinks pane no longer shows empty when closing a pane (it previously should have shown the other pane’s backlinks but instead showed nothing).
  • We Fixed pressing Enter on title rename sometimes causing a newline to be entered into the source editor.
  • And we fixed the fact that clicking on some footnotes didn’t do anything. It will now navigate as it should have all along.
  • You know the thing where when you rename a file, having another file open with a link to it would not have the link properly updated? That shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • Creating a new folder should now let you rename it right away.
  • Pressing Tab in quick switcher and command palette will no longer focus on the note behind.
  • Unlinked mentions no longer tries to apply the note name as a RegExp.
  • Clicking on previous or next in search will now properly highlight the text.
  • Notes that were improperly sorted in the file explorer alphanumerically should now be sorted.
  • You can now use (r) inside math blocks without them becoming the ® symbol.