Obsidian Release v0.4.1

Released on 2020/05/04.

  • Layout: you can now resize the left and right panels.
  • [[File explorer]]: you can now set a folder as the “attachment folder”. Further pasted images, dropped images, and recorded audio files will be stored here.
  • [[Command palette]]: show all available commands when no search query is entered.
  • [[Command palette]]: enable plugin by default.
  • Attachments: now .jpeg files are also supported.
  • [[File explorer]]: more compact layout to fit more content. Long file names will not wrap; a tooltip with its full name will appear.
  • [[Quick switcher]]: you can now create files by typing its name into the switcher. You can even type in Folder/Page to create Page.md under Folder. But for now Folder might exist under vault for this to work.
  • [[Internal link]]: add warning about existing links when deleting a file.
  • [[Search]] & [[backlinks]]: longer context around the matched text.
  • [[File explorer]]: fix renaming Example to example will cause duplicate files to show up in Windows.
  • [[Embed files]]: fix having one embedded file hides everything that comes after it in that paragraph.
  • Task list: fix formatting in the task item will render the item twice in preview.
  • Link suggestion: fix folder name not getting searched.
  • Link: fix custom scheme URLs like x-devonthink:// not working.