Obsidian Release v0.4.0

Released on 2020/04/27.

Shiny new things

  • [[Command palette]]. Access commands by typing!
  • [[backlinks]]: [[Internal link|links]] are now updated when you rename a file, either from the title bar or from the [[file explorer]].
  • [[backlinks]]: hover over an unlinked mention, and you’ll get the option to link that mention and turn it into a proper [[Internal link]].
  • Navigation: go backward/forward. Added as buttons to the title bar, and you can also access it via [[command palette]] and shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right).
  • Editor: read mode. Accessible via [[command palette]] (type “trm” to find it).
  • [[Quick switcher]] & [[command palette]]: they now support fuzzy search.

No longer broken

  • Editor: fix Ctrl+click doesn’t create new note.
  • Editor: fix unreadable Markdown and white cursor bug.
  • If you’ve moved the vault, instead of refusing to work the app now prompts for another location.
  • [[Graph view]]: fix links that end in .md would break the graph.
  • [[backlinks]]: fix unlinked mentions need a space after it in order to match.
  • [[backlinks]]: fix [[Page title|Display]] showing up as unlinked mentions instead of links.
  • [[backlinks]]: fix full file path like [[Folder/Sub-folder/Page]] not showing up as links.
  • [[Custom CSS]]: fix cannot disable the plugin if obsidian.css is not present.
  • [[Quick switcher]]: fix issue where navigating to “Page name” would wipe it if there’s a folder called the same name in the same directory.
  • Fix line wrapping issues in title bar, [[Embed files|embeds]], and [[backlinks]] panel.