Obsidian Release v0.16.3 (Insider build)

New shiny things

  • Introducing per-tab history. Each tab now maintains its own history for navigation.

per-tab history

A huge thank you to @pjeby for Pane Relief and for all his help with testing the new per-tab history!


  • “Show tab title bar” is now enabled by default. The tab title bar now also includes forward/backward navigation arrows as well as the full file path.
  • Soft-wrapping of lines should now better avoid misaligned indents.
  • Sliding Panes plugin will now automatically be disabled on startup.
  • Added an option to Export to PDF to show the name of the note at the beginning of the document.
  • Improved sidebar collapse/expand animation.
  • Publish: “new” and “unchanged” sections are now collapsed by default.

No longer broken

  • Legacy themes are no longer deleted when updating to 0.16 compatible themes. This should improve compatibility when syncing to a device that’s not yet 0.16 compatible.
  • Fixed pasting into inline titles inside pop-out windows.
  • Fixed selecting text inside the Release Notes callouts.
  • Pressing Escape will no longer blur cause the editor to lose focus.
  • macOS: will now take you to the beginning of the current list item.
  • macOS: Fixed “Show context menu” command not working with spelling corrections.
  • Publish: fixed “use live version” not working with locally deleted files.
  • Translucency is now disabled in fullscreen mode.