Obsidian Release v0.16.1 (Insider build)


  • The setting Appearance › Show view header has been renamed to Appearance › Show tab title bar.
  • The setting Appearance › Title bar style has been renamed to Appearance › Window frame style.
  • Added “UI zoom level” slider to Settings › Appearance.
  • Release notes will now automatically show after Obsidian updates.
  • Improved community theme/plugin README.md relative images, added support for videos.
  • Added default hotkey for opening link in new window (Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Shift+Enter)
  • Improved performance for installing/updating plugins.
  • Reduced flashing when searching for plugins.
  • Renamed “active file” to “current file” in several commands for better consistency.

No Longer Broken

  • Fixed quick switcher’s “open to the right” hotkey not working.
  • Fixed “Backlink in document” not always updating.
  • Fixed file explorer not always highlighting selected files.
  • Tweaked sizing and positioning of title bar when zoomed in/out.
  • Obsidian Sync will now avoid deleting old themes.
  • Fixed misaligned logo in custom mode.
  • Fixed status bar jitter when word count updates.
  • macOS: Tweaked location of traffic lights when zoomed in/out.