Obsidian Release v0.15.4 (Insider build)

New shiny things

  • Added “Toggle always on top” command to pin pop-out windows above all other windows on your desktop.


  • The native scrollbar styling for macOS is back. This can still be overridden by themes.
  • Views dragged out into their own pop-out will now preserve their previous pane size.
  • Automatically refocuses the view in pop-out windows when cycling between windows.

No longer broken

  • Fixed “Open in new window” not giving the new pane focus.
  • Copying to clipboard now works in pop-out windows.
  • Fixed issue where the File Explorer didn’t always respect the “default note location” setting.
  • Backlinks in document will no longer disappear in pop-out windows.
  • The toggle sidebar commands should now work again.
  • Pop-out windows will now remember their position and size when restoring from maximize, minimize, or fullscreen.
  • Fixed table wrapping issues in Live Preview.
  • Fixed checkbox in callouts misaligned when using RTL.


  • We’ve made several improvements to the workspace API to improve plugin compatibility with v0.15.X. If you’ve been experiencing compatibility issues with your plugin (views opening in the wrong leaf, files opening without focus), we recommend testing against this version to see if the issues have been resolved.
  • For plugin and theme developers: we’ve made changes to the Suggest component’s DOM structure. If your plugin is attaching itself to core Suggest components or mimicking the Suggest component structure, it will likely be impacted.
    • The new DOM structure is:
    - .suggestion-item
    	- .suggestion-content
    		- .suggestion-title
    		- .suggestion-note (optional)
    	- .suggestion-aux
    		- .suggestion-hotkey (optional)
    		- .suggestion-flair (optional)
  • The behavior of workspace.getActiveFile has been updated to now return the file of the most recently active FileView. This change should improve compatibility for custom views now that sidebar views are focusable. If you were previously using workspace.getMostRecentlyActiveFile for v0.15.X compatibility, please switch back to getActiveFile.
  • Note: Theme developers can avoid overriding the macOS native scrollbars by targeting body:not(.native-scrollbars) for any scrollbar styling.