Obsidian Release v0.15.3 (Insider build)

Shiny new things

  • You can now drag and drop panes across multiple windows.
  • You can now drag a pane outside of the app to create a new window.
  • You can now right click on a file or a link to open it in a new window.
  • You can now rearrange the order of tabs in the sidebar.
  • Pop-out windows will now save and restore their position across app restarts.
  • You can now right click on the Obsidian Sync status indicator to bring up a menu of shortcuts for pause/unpause, change settings, view the sync log, or view recently deleted files.


  • Menu items are now grouped by function to make them easier to use.
  • The “editor status” core plugin has been moved to an editor setting. It will also now show an icon instead of text.
  • Pressing Escape when not focused on a pane now focuses the last active editable pane.
  • The application menu on macOS now shows the assigned hotkey for each menu item.
  • Added a pin icon to pinned sidebar views.
  • “Focus on editor” command is now called “Focus on last note” and will restore focus to the most recently focused note.

No longer broken

  • Fixed several vim hotkeys that were broken due to the CodeMirror 6.0 update.
  • In vim mode, characters that are composed with AltGr now work correctly in normal and visual mode.
  • Fixed mermaid not rendering in pop-out windows.
  • Fixed embeds render with large empty space in pop-out windows.
  • Fixed link with pane not working across pop-out windows.
  • Fixed styling issues with translucency.
  • Fixed Obsidian Publish upload dialog unable to “Use live version” in deleted/non-existent notes.
  • Fixed font selector not showing all fonts.
  • F1-F12 keys can now be bound to commands without a modifier.
  • Fixed long filenames overlapping with buttons in the window titlebar.


  • New enhancements for DOM elements and UI events: This applies to all derivatives of Node (like Element, HTMLElement, etc) and all derivatives of UIEvent (like MouseEvent, KeyboardEvent, etc)
    • You can now easily access the element or event’s owner document (element.doc or event.doc) and window (element.win or event.win).
    • You can now use element.instanceOf(HTMLElement) or event.instanceOf(MouseEvent) to perform instanceof checks without having to worry about cross-window constructors.
    • HTMLElement now also has a onWindowMigrated hook that can be used to monitor when the element gets attached to different windows. This can be used to re-initialize views that depend on window globals.
  • There are now workspace events for window-open and window-close.
  • MenuItem now has a new method setSection(string). Items from the same section will be grouped together, in the order they were defined or first used. The default section (empty string) will contain all legacy/plugin/unspecified menu items and is usually put into a specific spot of the sort order (for example, before the danger items). Inspect the DOM to see existing sections’ data-section.
  • We’ve removed the ability to create MenuItem directly - please use Menu.addItem instead.
  • On View, we’ve deprecated the onHeaderMenu and onMoreOptionsMenu in favor of a single onPaneMenu function with a source parameter. This new method will be used for both the header menu (right clicking on a tab header in the sidebar) and the more options menu (three dot menu).