Obsidian Release v0.15.2 (Insider build)


  • Pressing Esc within a sidebar view will refocus your last note.
  • Checkboxes within settings can now receive keyboard focus.
  • Clicking on a view’s options menu will now toggle it opened/closed.

No longer broken

  • Properly update window title to show name of currently focused file.
  • Left and right arrow keys now work within the search input again.
  • Opening a view in its own window will now give the view focus.
  • Inline images are now properly rendered inline with text.
  • Fixed issue with file explorer causing high CPU usage when your vault has many unfolded files showing.
  • macOS: Fixed issue where pressing Cmd+w from the settings modal would close the whole vault.


  • Added mod-active class to the tab headers when the view is active.
  • Updated Mermaid to v9.1.2.