Obsidian Release v0.14.6

Shiny new things

  • Electron update from v18.0.3 to v18.0.4, fixes PDF embeds not displaying. (Requires installer update from Download - Obsidian)
  • You can now add folders to an ignore filter. Files matched by this filter will be down-ranked when using Quick Switcher and link suggestions, and will be excluded in search results and graph view.


  • Spellcheck corrections should now work better in text with styling applied such as headings, bold/italics, etc.
  • Show context menu under cursor should now also display the spellcheck options.
  • Obsidian Publish upload dialog now displays the total count of each section.

No longer broken

  • Fixed backlinks linked mentions causes lag on large vaults.
  • Exporting to PDF when using dark mode no longer causes unreadable code blocks.
  • Dragging items and resizing panes should no longer get stuck when moving across <iframe> and <webview>.
  • Dragging and dropping files from outside Obsidian should no longer cause its contents to be inserted before or after the link.
  • Fixed soft-wrapping not working if line was folded when the note was opened.