Obsidian Release v0.14.5


I’ve just been made aware of a bug with Electron 18 that causes PDF embeds to stop working. If you need to work with PDFs, you can download the Electron 17 based installer here and install over: Release 0.14.2 · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub

Shiny new things

  • Updated installer to Electron 18.0.3 which fixes several bugs that were in Electron 17.
    • Fixed performance issues with resizing the app.
    • Fixed window border issues on Windows.
    • Fixed developer tools performance snapshot issues.


  • When selecting text and converting into a fenced code block, newline characters are now automatically added.
  • The insert callout command will now wrap any selected text into the callout body content instead of replacing it.

No longer broken

  • Reduced lag caused by big exclusion filters with Obsidian Sync.
  • Fixed headings in lists causing indentation guides to misalign.
  • Fixed monospaced font not applied.