Obsidian Release v0.14.4 (Insider build)

Shiny new things

  • You can now assign multiple fonts to each font option, and the first available font will be used.


  • Obsidian Sync should now no longer create duplicate files when renaming a file while it is still syncing.
  • Obsidian Sync now has a fully customizable sync folder exclusion system. This allows you to add exclusions to folders even if they don’t exist locally.
  • Auto-completing three backticks for code blocks now adds a newline automatically to avoid suddenly parsing the rest of the note as code.
  • Toggle bold/italics will now smartly skip over the closing markers when at the end of the block, instead of adding more marker symbols.

No longer broken

  • Fixed on Linux the app doesn’t properly watch for changes in the config folder.
  • Fixed headings in lists not properly styled in Live Preview.
  • Fixed duplicate event handlers for embeds, callouts, and tables blocks in Live Preview.
  • Fixed app crashes on startup for platforms that doesn’t have a configured documents folder.
  • Fixed x-callback-url not properly taking into account existing ? query parameters.
  • Fixed move file dialog lags in vaults with lots of folders.
  • Fixed <webview> unable to open pages externally in the browser.
  • Fixed downloading or updating plugins without css causes one to appear with the contents “Not found”.


  • CSS variables related to fonts have been renamed.
    • --default-font is now --font-default (but it will fallback to --default-font)
    • --interface-font is now --font-interface.
    • --editor-font is now --font-text and will cover both editing and reading.
  • There is now a --font-interface-theme and --font-text-theme dedicated for themes to set the fonts.
  • Each theme and snippet is now put into its own <style> tag to avoid issues with imports not working.
  • app is now officially available as a global variable.