Obsidian Release v0.14.13 (Insider build)

Shiny new things

  • You can now rename block IDs when right clicking on the block ID, which will update all the references to that block ID.


  • Errors and console logs from plugins will now indicate the plugin’s name instead of showing eval at anonymous.

No longer broken

  • Fixed note composer’s merge note functionality not updating links after merging.
  • Move line up/down/delete paragraph commands can now be repeated again by holding the hotkey.
  • Fixed drag and drop not working on some plugins.
  • Fixed strikethrough not working on links.
  • Fixed identical custom code blocks in Live Preview not re-rendered when switching documents.
  • Fixed open context menu command not opening in the correct location in legacy editor.
  • Fixed note composer “merge note” not properly updating links after merging.
  • Fixed IME broken when typing on a line before a heading that starts with a space character.
  • Fixed identical custom code blocks in Live Preview goes stale when switching documents.