Obsidian Release v0.13.9 (Insider build)

Live preview improvements

  • Restored legacy editor to be default for now.
  • Fixed gutter elements (line numbers and fold indicators) misalignment.
  • Fixed Live Preview sometimes run into situations where it stops being parsed and highlighted halfway down the document.
  • Fixed drag and drop text duplicates instead of moves selected text.
  • Fixed several operations such as pasting, undo/redo, drag and drop, etc, causes duplicate characters or phrases to linger in the document.
  • Fixed Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Z stopped working for undo.
  • Fixed full line embeds has an extra line after it.
  • Improved external images rendering when on its own line.
  • Empty headings will now keep the # characters in view to help see that it’s an empty heading.
  • Inline LaTeX will no longer be accidentally recognized when the ending sign is followed by a digit like $10.
  • Fixed several commands that sometimes mis-position the selection after the command executes.
  • Spellchecking is now properly applied to wiki links.
  • Fixed some themes and plugins accidentally introduces margins, causing editor selections to misbehave.
  • Fixed vim mode jumps by two lines sometimes.


  • Reverted editing/reading icon state. We will try to improve this in a future version.
  • Improved markdown formatting commands like bold and italics detection when selecting the outside layer.
  • Markdown formatting commands now ignores whitespace characters at the beginning or ending of the selection when being applied.
  • Backlink in document can now be turned on by default in the settings page of the core plugin “Backlinks”