Obsidian Release v0.13.8 (Insider build)

Shiny new things

  • Obsidian Sync now has a bulk restore functionality for deleted files.
  • “Preview mode” has been renamed to “Reading view” to avoid confusion.

Live preview improvements

  • Live Preview is now enabled by default. To switch to the old CodeMirror 5 based editor, toggle the “Legacy Editor” option.
  • You can now set the default editing mode to Live Preview or Source Mode.
  • Vim mode is now available for both Live Preview and Source mode.
  • Completed task lists are now crossed out and greyed out to match reading view.
  • Improved handling of up/down arrow keys interacting with blocks like embeds and code blocks.
  • Improved selection when clicking on previewed blocks.
  • Improved selection when selecting across hidden Markdown formatting syntax.
  • Fixed drag and drop does not show caret where the drop will occur, and also sometimes inserts garbage content when dragging within the editor.
  • Improved detection of inline HTML blocks.
  • Improved blockquote handling.
  • Fixed deleting auto-matched brackets like [ with backspace not deleting the closing counterpart ].
  • Fixed HTML comments could cause a crash in the editor parser.
  • Fixed clicking or selecting the end of the file selects to the beginning when there is a block at the end.

No longer broken

  • Fixed code block has an extra indent on the first line in reading view.
  • Quick Switcher will now create new files relative to the file of the current active pane when new file option is set to be relative to current file.


  • Breaking change: the data-task css class has been moved to the line element, rather than being on each piece of <span>.
  • The API for CodeMirror 6 has now been opened up. To deeply integrate with CodeMirror 6, you will be required to write an Extension to augment the editor. More details and tutorials will be available later.