Obsidian Release v0.13.6 (Insider build)

Live preview improvements

  • Inline LaTeX is now supported and rendered.
  • HTML blocks, including iframes are now rendered.
  • Added data-task for all tokens on a list item with checkbox to facilitate css styling.
  • Improved gutter alignment for fold icon and line numbers.
  • Added code syntax highlighting for source mode and live preview (including legacy editor).
  • Improved code block styling when cursor isn’t active.
  • Implemented Ctrl/Cmd+Click on markdown links.
  • Fixed markdown links with “title” not working correctly.
  • Removed hard-coded Ctrl/Cmd+G search hotkey.


  • Fixed legacy editor not properly scrolled to the top when switching document.
  • Improved handling of custom panes when plugins are no longer installed.
  • There is now a “Copy share link” in the community plugin’s information page.
  • Leftover panes from disabled plugins will no longer be automatically closed. They will now show up as an un-recognized pane, and if the plugin is re-enabled, they will work again.