Obsidian Release v0.13.3 (Insider build)

Live preview improvements

  • Backlink in document is now available for Live preview, which can be toggled in the pane menu.
  • Mermaid and query blocks are now rendered.
  • Some custom code blocks from plugins are now rendered.
  • Implemented auto-pairing of brackets for markdown formatting symbols such as $, =, ~ and %.
  • Improved handling of block quotes.
  • Improved image size handling.
  • Improved markdown link styling.
  • Fixed image alt text not live updated.
  • Fixed empty lines in code blocks.
  • Fixed Option+ArrowUp/Down keys on MacOS not performing native cursor functions.


  • Added show-plugin Obsidian URI action. Example: obsidian://show-plugin?id=admonition
  • Added notice for indexing large files taking too long to help debug indexing stuck issues.
  • Obsidian now live-reloads the app and appearance options when the configuration files are changed on disk, to avoid issues with sync solutions overwriting each other with older versions.

No longer broken

  • Fixed some syntax not highlighting for code blocks in preview mode while in dark mode.
  • Preview should now render reference style markdown links and images correctly.
  • Obsidian Sync should no longer sync dot files and dot folders within plugin folders when community plugin sync is turned on.
  • Fixed legacy editor’s replace all function.
  • Fixed adapter rename fail to work for dot files.
  • Fixed copy from preview mode sometimes doesn’t copy all the text.
  • Fixed toggle strikethrough always adds more ~~ instead of removing.
  • Pressing Enter when in an empty nested block quote will now only exit one level of block quote.