Obsidian Release v0.13.27 (Insider build)

Shiny new things

  • Added new “Cycle bullet/checkbox” command that cycles between regular bullet, checkbox, and checked checkbox.


  • Reduced chance of Obsidian Sync overwriting instead of merging when a rare race condition happens.
  • Improve Obsidian Sync’s handling of templated daily notes created on other devices (will require next mobile release to fully apply).
  • Pressing Enter in an empty blockquote now extends the blockquote instead of exiting it. Shift+Enter can be used to exit the blockquote.

No longer broken

  • Fixed embeds in Live Preview blocks have an extra padding at the bottom.
  • Fixed using many embeds and images in Live Preview sometimes causes click position detection to misbehave.
  • Fixed outgoing links crash when encountering a link named “constructor”.
  • Fixed middle click in editor doesn’t open in new pane.
  • Fixed drag and drop in outline pane not working when pane is scrolled.
  • Fixed LaTeX and inline code not properly sized in headings.
  • Fixed Live Preview HTML blocks not respecting normal HTML white-spacing rules and rendering extra whitespace by default, causing newline characters to be rendered.
  • Fixed Ctrl/Cmd+G stopped working in document search.
  • Fixed various markdown syntax toggle commands like bold and italics misbehaving when working across multiple lines.
  • Fixed multiple possible memory leak in editor when closing panes.
  • Fixed a bug in list block ID parsing which caused links and embeds to resolve the parent list item instead of the specific child item.
  • Fixed sometimes the context menu appears multiple times on screen.
  • Fixed unable to see last few characters of long tables in legacy editor.
  • Triple clicking text will now select the whole sentence without the ending newline character.


  • Theme developers: you can also now use variables for heading font sizes with --h1, --h2, etc. We’ve also moved heading font sizes from cm-header-x to HyperMD-header-x to avoid certain elements not being properly up-sized like LaTeX and inline code.
  • There is a new deleted event on MetadataCache now.
  • DataAdapter.stat now returns the OS mtime and ctime for folders.
  • Obsidian’s icon library now supports all icons from lucide, a currently maintained fork of feather-icons with 547 supported icons. No need to import feather-icons anymore. You can browse them at https://lucide.dev/