Obsidian Release v0.13.22 (Insider build)

No longer broken

  • Fixed external URLs with % encodings stopped working.
  • Fixed external URLs in embed blocks not working in Live Preview.
  • Fixed line numbers misaligned with embed blocks in Live Preview.
  • Fixed list bullets misaligned vertically in Live Preview.
  • Fixed a case of Live Preview lag when large base64-encoded images are inserted.
  • Fixed sometimes a zero width space character is inserted when replacing some text around fold indicators. They showed up as a red dot.
  • Fixed sometimes choosing a link suggestion to a block without an ID in the same document causes the cursor to be misplaced.
  • Fixed up/down keys misbehaving in Live Preview’s word-wrapped lines when the previous/next real line is a hidden block.
  • Updating plugins no longer scrolls the plugin list back to the top.


  • Added an option in community plugin pane to help debug slow plugin startup times.
  • Fixed editorLivePreviewField not dynamically updated when Live preview is turned on/off.
  • Added data-type to tab header elements.