Obsidian Release v0.13.20 (Insider build)


  • The new editor now supports the cssclass frontmatter property.
  • Live Preview will now detect whether the editor is focused to apply syntax hiding.
  • Community plugin search filter will now also match by author.
  • Added shortcuts for plugin settings and hotkeys in the community plugins list.

No longer broken

  • Fixed clicking on checklists and fold indicators causes the cursor/selection to be affected.
  • Fixed resizing panes causes buggy selection rendering until selection is changed.
  • Fixed fold indicator spacing sometimes misalign due to fonts applied by themes.
  • Fixed gutter line numbers not showing for embeds and custom code blocks.
  • Fixed memory leak when closing markdown panes.
  • Fixed vim mode undo/redo combines multiple edits.
  • Fixed up/down arrow keys don’t navigate properly around list bullets.
  • Fixed up/down arrow keys don’t navigate properly when at the end of a word-wrapped line.
  • Fixed unindenting numbered lists sometimes generates “undefined”.
  • Fixed auto number lists generates individual undo/redo entries for each line.
  • Fixed toggle numbered lists always generate 1 as the number.
  • Fixed typing inline code causes the rest of the document to become code.
  • Fixed underline not applied to external links when in lists, headings, or blockquotes.
  • Fixed two identical embed in the same file causes Live Preview to misbehave.
  • Fixed linking to a block without a block id from an earlier position in the same note causes the link to be badly formatted.
  • Fixed in-editor search removes highlight when only a single match is found.
  • Added Ctrl/Cmd+G (and Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+G) for selecting next/previous search occurrence when using in-editor search.
  • Fixed opening some file:/// paths on Linux causes Obsidian to freeze until the new process exits.
  • Fixed markdown importer unable to convert tags with some character sets like CJK characters.
  • Fixed undo close pane still opens a new pane even when the current pane is empty.
  • Fixed copy external URL menu action doesn’t properly encode special characters.
  • Fixed linking an unlinked mention loses its original casing.


  • Fixed sometimes empty duplicate <span> elements show up before or after widgets, causing issues when using css padding or :before/:after.
  • The debug info command now includes the OS information.
  • There is now a new editorLivePreviewField: StateField<boolean> that can be used to check whether Live Preview is enabled in the editor.
  • Fixed out-of-bound {line,ch} pairs causes error with new editor.