Obsidian Release v0.13.18 (Insider build)


  • Improved fold indicators in new editor. They will now appear closer to the line’s text rather than all the way at the left edge.
  • New hotkeys for in document search: “Search All” (Alt+Enter) and “Replace All” (Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Enter).
  • In Live Preview, you can now click a code block’s language flair (top right) to copy the code block.
  • New editor’s vim mode now experimentally supports search highlighting and multiple cursors.
  • You can now use Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Enter in quick switcher to create a new note and open it in a new pane.

No longer broken

  • Fixed the fold all command sometimes not working.
  • Fixed Shift+Up/Down in Live Preview doesn’t select hidden blocks properly.
  • Fixed backlink and unlinked reference count indicator not properly updated when a link is removed.
  • Fixed middle click and Ctrl/Cmd+Click embedded note’s “open link” button in Live Preview causes weird behavior.
  • Fixed middle click links, file explorer items, and search results stopped working.
  • Fixed unable to click external links with formatting styles like bold or italics in editing view.
  • Fixed sometimes the bullet dot renders as weird letters.
  • Fixed console error when OS language doesn’t support spellchecker.
  • Word count now properly count contractions as one word.


  • Added .cm-active to gutter elements as well.