Obsidian Release v0.13.11 (Insider build)

Shiny new things

  • There is now a new Core plugin called “Editor status” which adds a status bar item showing you the current editor mode. You can also use it to toggle the editor mode.

Live preview improvements

  • Internal links to non-existent files will now look dimmer than regular links.
  • Fixed drop cursor is invisible in dark mode, also fixed drop cursor doesn’t position correctly when document is scrolled.
  • Fixed IME on MacOS sometimes causes duplicate characters to be entered.
  • Fixed vim mode g related keys causes vim mode to crash until app is restarted.
  • Middle click now opens internal links in new panes.
  • Removed very faint background colors on external links.
  • Fixed pressing Enter on an indented line does not keep the indent properly.
  • Fixed long tables broken again due to an engine upgrade.
  • Fixed tables has a weird extra spacing after the last | character.


  • Word count will now no longer re-calculate on every change, but instead re-compute at most twice every second, to spare some CPU time.


  • The changed event on MetadataCache now contains the file contents as well as the parsed metadata object.
  • There is now two helper functions for HTMLElement: isShown() which tells you whether this element is shown, and onNodeInserted which can add a callback for when the element is shown. These statuses depend on the element to be attached to the DOM and require not having any parent or ancestor with the css display: none.