Obsidian Release v0.13.1 (Insider build)

Live preview improvements

  • Separators (---) are now implemented.
  • Headings will now always show the # characters when the cursor is on that line.
  • Fixed wikilink embeds not working with aliases or sizes using the | character.
  • Fixed embedded documents not live updated.
  • Implemented embeds using markdown embed syntax.
  • Improved visuals of list items by replacing list bullet character with a dot.
  • Checklists now have their list bullet hidden.
  • Fixed two wikilinks with alias on the same line causes the first one to disappear.
  • Fixed empty wikilinks disappears.
  • Added external link icon.
  • Checkbox now has a data-task attribute added.

No longer broken

  • The insider build toggle in Settings > About is now back.