Obsidian Release v0.12.5

Shiny new things

  • The template core plugin now has commands to insert the current time or the current date.
  • There’s now a new dedicated command to focus on the editor.


  • Pasting images copied from Chrome’s “Copy image” menu action will now properly import the image to the vault, instead of creating a link to the image’s original URL.
  • On MacOS, in some rare setups, the file system API may stop working, which should now be caught by Obsidian if any action takes over 60 seconds.
  • Upgraded MathJax and Mermaid to latest versions.

No longer broken

  • The strikethrough command now works properly instead of erroneously adding highlight markers.
  • Block math now no longer adds an extra empty line after it when immediately followed by a line of text.
  • Quick switcher no longer errors out when opening a non-existent file when the new file location is set to current note.
  • During link auto-completion, typing # or ^ when selecting an alias should now put the cursor in the correct place.
  • Opening the app no longer opens to an empty editor with a file called “No file” if the file was deleted. Instead it will correctly open the “No file is open” page.
  • Fixed performance issue with very long lines of text.
  • In the editor, using two : in text no longer causes text to be grayed out in between.
  • Fixed some Mermaid diagrams not rendering properly (journey missing text, gantt unreadable active task, class diagrams have very faint text).
  • Fixed autocomplete fuzzy sorting algorithm that previously prioritized punctuation over space characters.


  • There is now a function available for converting HTML to Markdown called htmlToMarkdown, which is using a pre-configured Turndown Service.