Obsidian Release v0.12.2

Shiny new things

  • Command palette can now be configured to have “pinned” commands that appear at the top.
  • Obsidian Publish now has a search filter in the upload dialog.


  • Obsidian Sync no longer runs into a possible race condition which sometimes causes file to be recognized as deleted. This has only been observed happening on Obsidian Mobile so far.
  • Vastly improved Obsidian Sync boot up speed. It will now also avoid re-scans of attachments when they haven’t been changed.
  • Obsidian Sync will now log the reason for connection errors to help with debugging.
  • Embedding other notes with a heading or a block target will no longer render the whole note when the target cannot be found.
  • On macOS, the trigger to change font size will now use the pinch-to-zoom gesture instead of Cmd+Scroll.
  • Improved performance when sidebars are hidden.
  • Caching/speed improvements for rendering images and other media files.

No longer broken

  • Fixed headings took too much space when line-wrapping.
  • Fixed editor had a larger gap on the right side due to an improper CodeMirror upgrade.
  • Fixed exiting the hotkey customization pane while the app is waiting for a hotkey causes keys to stop working.
  • Fixed link suggestion not working with capital letters when over 10k files + aliases.
  • The fold indicator in metadata section is now correctly aligned.
  • Fixed bound command not preventing default when command doesn’t execute, causing confusion.
  • Fixed some plugins didn’t show up when a sort filter is applied.
  • Removed Ctrl/Cmd+M hotkey for minimizing the app, which was previously assigned by default from Electron.


  • You can now specify an editorCallback or editorCheckCallback in a command that will register your command as an editor command, which will allow it to be added to the editor toolbar on mobile.
  • Adapter now has a stat function.
  • There is now a Platform object that can be used to determine whether the app is on mobile, along with some other platform information.