Obsidian Release v0.12.16

Shiny new things

  • Added a command to undo closed panes. Default hotkey is Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+T.
  • Added copy code block button in preview mode.
  • There is now a tooltip when hovering links that has a different display text (or alias).


  • Empty panes will be removed on startup if the plugin that created it has been uninstalled or disabled.
  • {{date}} and {{time}} will now work in daily notes and zettelkasten prefixer. Previously you needed to add the format {{date:format}}
  • Creating new files from in note composer will now show an error if it contains illegal characters.
  • You can now use Ctrl/Cmd+click or middle-click the icon or the command palette item to open daily note/new zettelkasten in a new pane.

No longer broken

  • Fixed clicking on external links in hover previews not working.
  • Fixed creating new files/renaming files not registered in recent files.


  • There is now access to the following bundled libraries: PDF.js, Mermaid, Prism, MathJax. Each library does things a bit differently but we now expose functions to load them if they weren’t loaded already: loadPdfJs, loadMermaid, loadPrism, loadMathJax.
  • request can now set HTTP headers.