Obsidian Release v0.12.12

Shiny new things

  • You can now use the keyboard to navigate and select context menus.
  • There is now a search bar to find core plugins better.
  • Graph view will now highlight the current focused file in a different color. This can be configured through the css class .graph-view.color-fill-focused, or disabled if you set the color to transparent.
  • There is now a YAML frontmatter flag for publish:. This flag affects the UI when uploading files to your publish site:
    • When publishing, the default behavior without this flag is to auto-select changed files, but not new files.
    • If you set publish: true, then new files are auto-selected to publish.
    • If you set publish: false, then we will pretend this file does not exist when publishing. This file will not show up in new/changed files. If this file was previously published, you will see an option to delete it instead.

Breaking changes

  • The legacy obsidian.css has been deprecated and is no longer supported. If you were using it, you can migrate by moving it to .obsidian/themes/ and rename it to your theme’s name. Then, choose that theme in the Appearance > Theme setting.


  • For security reasons, there is now a confirmation box when clicking on links to non-standard URLs (any protocol that is not http:// or https://). You can ask the app to not ask again on a per-protocol basis.

No longer broken

  • Fixed graph view’s hotkey/command not working.
  • Fixed note composer not leaving empty lines when splitting a heading.
  • Removing a local vault from the vault switcher will now properly clears any associated cache, as well as disassociate it from Obsidian Sync.
  • Fixed tables that are longer than the pane’s width previously couldn’t be scrolled all the way to the right side.