Obsidian Release v0.11.6

Shiny new things

  • A new command has been added for opening a new workspace while saving the current one.
  • Obsidian Sync will now automatically merge sync conflicts instead of overwriting the file. Note that this only applies to .md files.
  • When a change is made to a note on disk, but you also have changes in Obsidian that hasn’t been auto-saved (within 2 seconds), the two versions will now be merged automatically. Previously the app would discard any unsaved changes causing you to lose a few characters typed.


  • Search will no longer get stuck if some note failed to load due to a filesystem error.
  • When opening a note fails due to a filesystem error, it will no longer be possible to accidentally save the contents of the previously opened note on the newly opened note.

No longer broken

  • Fixed a rare case sync race condition on high latency network when running on multiple devices. This would previously undo the last few characters typed into the document.