Obsidian Release v0.11.2

  • Fenced code blocks are now properly styled.
  • The obsidian:// URL handler won’t be registered again if it’s already registered with the operating system, which causes a permission prompt on Linux snap.
  • Fixed custom CSS not hot-reloading when the file has been changed.
  • Clicking on links to create a folder structure should now display those folders properly in the file explorer.
  • On MacOS, to drag and drop files on panes, you now have to hold Shift instead of Alt due to MacOS overriding the Alt-drop behavior.
  • On MacOS, to drag and drop files from the system explorer and copy the file into the vault, you now have to hold Ctrl instead of Cmd due to a similar issue.
  • Fixed vaults not working inside an emulated file system, such as a Cryptomator drive.