Obsidian Release v0.11.10

Shiny new things

  • Backlinks and unlinked mentions can now be filtered using a search query.
  • Several new features for Obsidian Publish:
    • Option to insert a Google Analytics code (make sure your local regulations allows). Note that this is only available for sites under a custom domain.
    • Option to run JavaScript on your site, by uploading a file named publish.js in the root of your vault. Note that this is only available for sites under a custom domain.
    • An option to redirect visitors from publish.obsidian.md to your custom domain.
    • Password protected sites on custom domains should now work even if third party cookies are blocked.


  • Hotkeys in Obsidian will now override default hotkeys set by the CodeMirror editor, which previously would also be triggered, causing confusing behavior.
  • On Windows and Linux, the non-standard editor hotkeys Ctrl+Up/Down, Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down and Alt+Left/Right have been removed to avoid confusion.
  • On macOS, the Option+B/F/D hotkeys have been removed, and will now insert the special symbols ƒ and normally.
  • On macOS, the legacy emacs navigation key bindings for the editor can now be disabled in the editor settings.
  • Obsidian will now restore windows to your main screen on startup if they are off-screen, which could be caused by removing a monitor that was previously connected.
  • Improved Tibetan language behavior in search and auto-complete.

No longer broken

  • tiff files are no longer listed as supported images. The browser engine didn’t support it in the first place.
  • Sync should no longer get stuck on files larger than 100mb.

There is a known issue with publish.js. Will be fixed in 0.11.11