Obsidian quick font size adjustment not working with logi options+

hi, just begun using obsidian in default theme on MacBook with a logi M720 mouse, the quick font adjustment (ctrl + mouse scroll) didnt work, below is some facts for this issue so far,

1 works with another logi gaming mouse, which does not have logi option support;
2 works when using touchpad to adjust, though very clunky with latency;
3 for some other apps with the same feature (OneNote, Xmind,etc. ), the M720 works just fine.

so i conclude it’s the logi mouses with logi option + thats unable to use this feature. did some research, found another user with this issue also (Quick font size adjust not working with MX Master3 mouse + m1 mac) , in that case, it’s with a MX Master3.
my initial guess: within the logi option+, you can customize the scroll speed, could temper with this feature somehow? i have no way to affirm this tho.

this is a bit frustrating as i adjust the font size quite often and the touchpad solution is both clunky and intrusive.

anyone else also experiencing this issue? any info welcomed, thanks.

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