Obsidian Publish: What is the User Experience intent behind the navigation system?

I’m reviewing the example Obsidian projects using the Publish feature. They all use a horizontal page overlapping user interface. This isn’t new but it’s uncommon. I have doubts that it provides a sensible reading experience (With all that overlapping text and content).

What is the intention here? Has the UX of this navigation been researched?

Is there a way to deactivate it? I’m curious to sign up for the Publish feature but this awkward reading experience is the key reason I can’t sign up.

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The feature is called “Stacked Tabs”, the most well known site using that approach is from Andy Matuschak (using his own custom software)

I am not aware of any UX research on this, but from experience, a lot of users really love it.

Each site owner has the ability to decide if they want to use that feature or not, our help site for example is using a more traditional layout.

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From a UX perspective it seems like cutting off portions of text with vertical lines, in close proximity to the primary text, likely reduces readability. One way to improve this is to increase the negative space around the primary text.

Either way, that’s my suggestion. I don’t believe this is a UI design that promotes long-form reading.

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