Obsidian Publish: Support Static HTML?

Use case or problem

I am exploring the possibility of build-up a research paper list based on Obsidian-publish, Obsidian-citation, and Obsidian-dataview. A prototype would be something like this.

So far my progress is that I am able to use obsidian-citation to generate paper notes with YAML header and I can use Obsidian-dataview to generate beautiful tables as the result of dataview query offline. But the problem is that the table cannot be carried over to Obsidian-publish since the markdown file only has a dataview query code block and the table is generated during the preview. I am wondering whether and how I could put this table online?

Proposed solution

I understand that it is probably impossible to have plug-ins in Obsidian-publish. But is it possible for obsidian-publish to select either upload markdown notes or the rendered HTML page? So that the Obsidian Publish will have the same content as the local preview window.

Current workaround (optional)

I discussed with the author of obsidian-dataview here. He kindly plans to implement a feature that generates static HTML to append to the markdown file. But native support of HTML from Obsidian Publish sounds like a smoother user experience indeed.


Using mkdocs+github pages can be an option here. It has a good BibTex extension. Coupled with the extensions used in this template (GitHub - jobindj/obsidian-mkdocs: Publish Obsidian Notes with MkDocs), you can easily create static HTML pages using github pages