Obsidian publish (support of plugins that are rendering text in preview)

Use case or problem

  1. Install plugins from Obsidian plugin repository for desktop
  2. Full support of plugins in obsidian publish

Proposed solution

Develop the functionality for Obsidian publish.

Current workaround (optional)



  1. Unification of software across the desktop, mobile, web
  2. More revenue from Obsidian publish purchased
  3. Huge advantage (if the plugins are working) from 3-party solutions of web-hostings or another free “Obsidian publish” alternatives
  4. Use don’t need to spend huge amount of time rewriting (for example Dataview queries into normal markdown tables)

I guess it’s easier said than done but I fully support this. And queries, too.

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Some plugins have nothing do to with publish. It would be better to rewrite this FR by limiting it to the plugins that effect the way a document is previewed.

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I’ve been playing around with Obsidian for some weeks now, and since a couple of days I bough Publish service, so I’m quite new to both Obsidian and Publish worlds…
I would like to follow the advice of @WhiteNoise and point out the first problems I’m facing with third-party plugins. I use extensively Dataview plugin, basically for “auto-indexing” my folders, and it doesn’t work at all. The only thing I see in my Publish garden is the Dataview query code.

Hope this helps Devs to trace a Roadmap for supporting (at least) the most downloaded/used Plugins.


If we could at least get embedded search (query) blocks, that would personally be a big win, and since that’s a longstanding core plugin it feels like it shouldn’t be unreasonable to see it supported in Publish.


Yes I was surprised to see that queries were not supported in Publish.

I would also like to see dataview work with publish. As an alternate I was just about to try embedded queries, and now I see that these are not supported either. Since publish is the most expensive Obsidian product, I really hope that something becomes available that can easily “list” an automatic aggretate of files (rule-based lists) without users having to maintain two sets of files as we do now: those for use in everything but publish, and another set for publish.


PUBLISH needs dataview! YESSSSS, please integrate it! I WON’T PUBLISH WITHOUT IT!


:slight_smile: commenting again

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Still here


@bas1 I’m not sure how berating the devs with entitled demands is going to motivate them to prioritize your pet feature request. If obsidian publish isn’t doing what you want you might use the search feature and find some alternatives.