Obsidian Publish support for plugins

Currently, the only way of getting the output from the preview window of a markdown file into Obsidian Publish is by compiling it manually to HTML and upload that HTML instead of publishing the Markdown file + any potential plugin output.

What would be great, would be for the Obsidian API to include new events/methods that allows plugins to expose functionality on how to compile themselves to HTML, that the Obsidian Publish plugin can then use to include the output when publishing a website.

This would make plugins like Dataview, Templater and many others able to be used together with Obsidian Publish too, which would open up completely new use cases for both Obsidian and the plugins.


Agreed. As I am currently exploring Obsidian Publish I am noticing that I now have to strip out lots of (very useful) content from my templates when publishing them. It becomes a barrier to easily publish my existing content, and also a hurdle I have to pass when creating a new item: “Do I wish to publish this at some point? Then I can’t do X, Y and Z…”

I am guessing it isn’t enabled due to security reasons, from the aspect of the end-user reading your/my content. I mean, for us using community plugins we have actively decided to untick the “safe mode”. Given the rate of updates a plugin can have, what is safe today might be not-so-safe tomorrow I guess, and ensuring that wouldn’t happen would require someone to actively check every update of every plugin.

And, then again, this is no different to how “The Internet” at large functions. User can disable javascript or put all kinds of content limitations in their browsers (via add-ons, extensions etc).

Ah well, now I have to go and strip out all my Last modified date: <%+ tp.file.last_modified_date() %> from my recently published pages, which to my mind seems like a rather harmless addition that mainly creates more value to the reader, not less (personally I hate reading articles where the published, or modified, date isn’t obvious as I don’t know if the information I’ve just read is relevant still, or not).