Obsidian publish standard price

The devs just posted the end of early bid offer.

  • What will be the standard price now?
  • Does the 8$ per month is expensive enough already just my feeling?

I dont know if there can be demand for such expensive hosting (without domain name). I hope the devs made their research. For > 8$ one can rent server and add multiple Wordpress. In Publish one can have only one vault… and no subdomains… Also for some reason the devs stress that Obsidian publish is not for videos, and user should just add youtube link… So why such big price if the user is using little storage there.

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I am in a do I or do I not position. If there was a clearer road map it would help.

I agree. I did, but with concerns regarding future improvements (or lack of) of Publish.

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Price is $8/site/month by end of September and double the price after that.

We understand that as I’ve hosted many Wordpress sites too. If you know how to buy a server and set up Wordpress, you’re not the targeted audience though–you’re too tech-savvy! Some people just want to get up and running.

I think it does get expensive if you compare it to the things we don’t intend to compete with. Wordpress is an interesting example because there’s both the self-hosted version and the hosted version. Wordpress hosted site is $5/month ($9/month if you pay monthly), and it doesn’t even let you install any plugins. I would guess people still buy it out of convenience because they can just pay and start writing.

For comparison Squarespace (site builder) is $12/month and Ghost is $9/month (both referring to the cheapest tier).

I think you misunderstood the conversation here. You can put videos and images on your site however you like, it’s just that we don’t recommend it as it does not provide the best video viewing experience for your audience. For example seeking to a random location will be slower than if you embed a YouTube video. If you’re not interested in optimizing your video experience, for convenience feel free to upload all videos to Obsidian.


What are the future plans for publish in particular regarding the domain name situation? thank you for your help

You mean including a domain in your purchase or making setting up custom domain easier?

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setting up easier im not very techy!

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