Obsidian Publish: Site connection is not private warning

I suppose this isn’t necessarily a bug, but following the instructions given on Set up a custom domain, my site went up temporarily yesterday, but has intermittently been down and up since then.

When it is up, users are greeted with a “this connection is not private” warning, and have to click through the browser warning to get to the site.

Since the site does temporarily go up (at https://uncloak.org), it appears I did something right, but the intermittent outages seem like either a sign that Obsidian Publish’s hosting servers are on fire, or maybe that the “connection not private” is causing the site to be de-indexed by DNS servers. Or both! I’m unsure how to check which it might be.

As instructed, I input the following in a DNS Record in my provider Hover, following setting up a custom domain page.

  • hostname: uncloak.org (the address)
  • target name: publish-main.obsidian.md
  • TTL: 15 minutes

I’ve asked my hosting provider Hover for assistance, but since I’m unsure how to identify who is causing the problem, or how to begin fixing it, I’m asking here as well.

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This is not a bug.

Which method are using to make Publish HTTPS work, Clouldflare or proxy?

Following the cloudflare instructions, with my DNS provider Hover.

No, you can’t use your provider. This ONLY works with Cloudflare because it provides the SSL certificate for your website.

You need to register to Cloudflare and have Cloudflare handle the DNS for your domain name.

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ok, thanks.

May I suggest an update to the documentation page that would have eliminated my confusion?

The easiest way to set up a custom domain or subdomain is to create a CloudFlare account and let CloudFlare manage your domain’s DNS. When you migrate to CloudFlare, you automatically keep all your existing DNS setup, including your subdomains, email service, and hosting services. Using CloudFlare can speed up your websites and add SSL to your sites for free.

This did not indicate to me that CloudFlare was the only way to set up a custom domain, and was probably equivalent to any other DNS provider.

We don’t yet have a way to provision SSL certificate on your behalf. If you want to enable HTTPS for a custom domain, you either need to use your own proxy or create a site on CloudFlare.

This seems pretty clear.

I’ll admit that I’m a total midwit, but my but If I’m the only one who lands on this problem, I’d be surprised. Thanks for your help anyways.

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