Obsidian Publish not reflecting published changes (not cached)

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to publish changes to a file, and the changes are not been reflected on site.
Changes to other files update almost instantly.

Things I have tried

  • Clearing cache
  • Using incognito
  • Renaming file
  • Unpublish then publish again
    • After unpublish: Site returns 404 (as it should)
    • After publish: Site returns the file, but with the old data

One of our service providers is currently having an ongoing issue with cache.
A recent unresolved bug from Cloudflare is causing some pages to be stale for hours after they are changed.
Once they fix this issue on their end everything should go back to normal.

Sorry about that!

Thanks for the update! In the meantime, can you suggest a way to manually invalidate the cache?

We have not found a way to fix this, not even a workaround.

To be clear, the issue is that some of our requests to purge the cache for a specific URL are being ignored.

should be fixed now

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