Obsidian Publish not Including Attachments Folder

Things I have tried

I’ve searched for topic and found nothing specifically about Attachments folder.

What I’m trying to do

  • Include Attachments folder in Obsidian Publish. Even though all notes in Attachments can’t be uploaded due to file size, it seems Attachments folder should at least appear and include any notes < 50 mb.

  • The attachments are appearing in the notes themselves, but the Attachments folder itself is missing.

  • I set up attachments as follows: In Obsidian.app preferences > Files & Links > In the folder specified below > Attachments. There is no path indicated in this field: /Attachments for example.

  • Then, after adding first attachment to vault, I manually moved it to this Attachments folder and all subsequent attachments are automatically stored there now.

  • I have not right-clicked Attachments folder in vault and “Set as attachment folder” due to current Preferences configuration.

  • Do I need to change app preference settings so Attachments folder is included when my vault is published? If so, to what?

  • Other attachment folder guidance, e.g. better practices for the following vault structure?

  • Vault

    • Attachments Folder
    • Templates Folder
    • Daily Notes Folder
    • file 1
    • file 2
    • file 3, etc.

Thanks so much.

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