Obsidian Publish (List of Limitations)

Can we compile list of limitation of the Obsidian Publish vs Obsidian app?
I think this list will help to boost purchases of the O-Publish & also answer most common questions in one place.


The main limitation in my opinion, and a very important one, is that all plugins based on code fences don’t render in Obsidian Publish.
I think I won’t keep my publish subscription because of this and search for alternatives.

The missing plugins is for me also no go right now…If they will add them I’m all in!
I don’t understand that, even on mobile the plugins are working like charm…

I would add the inability to publish to more than one site. It would be nice to be able to publish some notes to, say, a personal blog site, another set of notes to a work project site, etc.

Also, because of the limitations mentioned in the comments above, I find I have to maintain two versions of notes — one for editing and one for publishing. That’s rather awkward.

OK one more related to the previous comment…a common workflow I encounter is that I want to publish a note but some parts of the note are private and not intended for the world to see. The only way to do that right now is to create an copy of the note and then maintain two version. It would be nice to, for example, code-fence private sections of a note to exclude those sections from being published.

BTW, I’m not a “power” Publish user. I thought I’d give it a try to see if it would be useful and to support the developers. However, because of these and other limitations, I am struggling to find a real-world use case for continuing to use it.

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You can add notes into separated folder, that you will keep only localy.
In text where you want to have these notes, you will ^Blockquote or [[Reference]]

  • By this your notes will be visible in your local Obisidan
  • and invisible in Publish, as the folder /Notes/ that contains your personal comments.

Thanks for the suggestion. I confess, I may be missing the point of Publish. I don’t want to keep two parallel sets of notes. I would prefer to have a single set of notes and then (a) choose which notes to publish (which I can do with Publish), and (b) choose which parts of those notes I want to publish or keep private (which I cannot do). In other words, I want to write once and then transform or filter to determine what gets published. Is this a reasonable workflow?

Can you do sortable table in Obsidian Publish or Obsidian? It’s one neat feature of wikipedia/mediawiki.

My sincere recommendation would be to open or support feature requests for the things you are missing in publish so your feedback becomes actionable. Listing limitations in a thread makes it hard for other users to voice their support for a particular idea, add more requirements and for the devs to take them into consideration when features are prioritised.

I think you can move it to meta. Then people who are interested can make individual feature requests.

I agree with @argentum. Obsidian Publish is not the web version of Obsidian. It’s a static publishing tool. So it doesn’t make sense to make comparison. If there’s something that you want, search/open a specific feature request.