Obsidian Publish - Link to page in pdf dosen t work proper

i have a problem with my Obsidian publish Site. I have some links to pdf files in my note and i createt it this way:

[[Buch Duale Reihe Psychiatrie, Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie - Auflage 6.pdf#page=236|Seite 236]]

because i want the link going directly to the page. If the note ist published and i hover over the link (Mac OS - Safari) it works and the pdf will be opend on the right page. But if i click on the link the pdf will be opend but it shows page 1 and not the selected page.

If i try the same on my iPad-Safari (or Chrome) only the first page is shown and i am not able to scroll or change to another page. It seams so as if there is only the 1 page available.

Ralf Wesselow

PS. Sorry for my bad english…i am german :slight_smile:

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